OWD009 Let Me Take You There [single] – Alain Chamois


OWD009 (out May 2018).

Jewel case CD/digital.


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An 18 minute single track ‘audio guide’ to a field near Hebden Bridge by music writer and composer Alain Chamois. A limited edition CD was made in 2003 to be listened to in gallery spaces, but this new version will be widely released for the first time on Owd Scrat Records in 2018. The music includes sound recordings from the field itself and from Heptonstall graveyard. The monologue, which touches on Leon Trotsky, Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, Ian Curtis, comic Russ Abbot, and fellow Owd Scrat artist Paul Rooney’s 1990s band Rooney, is structured around a description of part of a TV documentary showing photographer Charlie Meecham taking a photograph of the snowy field in question. The photograph taken during the documentary was later chosen by Joy Division and Peter Saville to adorn the cover of the 12″ single Atmosphere.


“It’s at once quite a sad work, where we are repeatedly reminded of death by war and by suicide, and an optimistic one that describes creative ventures – a band, songs, poems, photographs – that can come from small beginnings to give substance and meaning to many people’s lives.” Amelia Crouch (Other Matters blog). 19/2/2015.

“In the… narrative, the landscape is cast as location for exchanges and relations, drawing the viewer in as a participant in those exchanges.” Gregory Blair (Journal of Art For Life). 16/12/2014.