Lucy Over Lancashire [single] – Paul Rooney


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OWD001 (2014).

CD/digital (original 2007 red vinyl also available).


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A CD and download re-issue on Owd Scrat Records of Lucy Over Lancashire, a satanic paean to North West England. The original red vinyl 12″ was released by SueMi Records, Berlin, in 2007. It notably reached the top 5 of the (Dandelion Radio) Festive Fifty of that year and received much airplay from Huw Stephens (Radio 1), Marc Riley (6Music) and Steve Barker (Radio Lancashire) amongst others.

The original 12″ had a blank ‘A’ side, with a 16 minute single track on the ‘B’ side. The track consists of industrial strength post-punk dub, with a demonically possessed, but cheerful, single voice Lancastrian monologue. The voice is that of Lucy, an evil ‘sprite of th’ air’ who claims that she is possessing the grooves of the record itself. She relates a tale about the pivotal role that the English county of Lancashire has in the plans of Satan, ranging from the Pendle witches and the Satanic mills of the Industrial Revolution right up to the dark bile of the 1980s Red Rose Radio phone in shows of Allan Beswick (who also appears on the record).


Fact Magazine 50 best reissues of 2014.

“Rich in comic irony, the narration is nonetheless as deeply rooted as a folk ballad…[a] thought provoking 16 minute gem.” Julian Cowley (The Wire Magazine). Oct. 2014.

“It’s a masterpiece, is it not?…It is quite magnificent.” Marc Riley (BBC 6 Music)28/5/14.

“This is a top three choice, in any year”. Jonathan Lovett (Massive Crush blog). 3/01/08.

Dandelion Radio Festive 50 of 2007.

“Don’t be scared, even though we in the studio are absolutely petrified after listening to that. Lucy Over Lancashire, that was part 3, by Paul Rooney, we’ve already played parts 1 and 2 on the show. Parts 4, 5 and 6 coming up over the next three shows…Brilliant stuff from Paul Rooney, one of the most talked about tracks that we’ve played on this show…” Huw Stephens (BBC Radio 1FM)3/5/07.

“…this magnificently chewy and utterly surreal 12” single”. Neil Cooper (MAP Magazine #10). June 2007.

“I’ve got a record in my hand here which is quite intriguing, it’s called Lucy Over Lancashire by Paul Rooney on SueMi Records… Love it, absolutely love it – great isn’t it? I told you it was a weird one.” Marc Riley. ‘Marc Riley’s Mint’ (BBC 6 Music)25/3/07.