Lucy Over Lancashire [single] – Paul Rooney


OWD001 (2014).

CD/digital (original 2007 red vinyl also available).


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A single 16-minute prophecy in manically inventive post-punk dub, Lucy Over Lancashire by Liverpudlian songsmith-artist Paul Rooney is the vehicle for a ‘spryte of the air’ to expound on the English county of Lancashire’s role in the plans of Satan, plans which involve (amongst other things) the Pendle Witches, singer Mick Hucknall, the bile-filled late-night phone in shows of Allan Beswick, and the Radio Lancashire programme On the Wire (whose longstanding commitment to dub reggae provided one of the inspirations for the work).

The red vinyl 12” of Lucy Over Lancashire was originally premiered by On the Wire in 2006 and released on SueMi Records, Berlin, in 2007. Following it’s steady acquisition of a certain cult notoriety we at Owd Scrat Records released the track as a download and limited edition CD in 2014. For the 2017 tenth anniversary remastered version, see here.


“Rich in comic irony, the narration is nonetheless as deeply rooted as a folk ballad… [a] thought provoking 16 minute gem.” Julian Cowley (The Wire Magazine). Oct. 2014.

“It’s a masterpiece, is it not?… It is quite magnificent.” Marc Riley (BBC 6 Music). 28/5/14.

Fact Magazine 50 best reissues of 2014.

“The [Festive Fifty] chart has also continued to recognise great bands and tunes so cruelly overlooked by the mainstream: …a top five spot for Paul Rooney’s brilliantly under-recognised Lucy Over Lancashire in 2007 one of many others”. Mark Whitby (Louder Than War). 15/11/14.

Guy Manchester (Louder Than War). 25/10/12.

“This is a top three choice, in any year”. Jonathan Lovett (Massive Crush blog). 3/01/08.

Dandelion Radio Festive 50 of 2007.

“…heavy dub that could easily come from the studios of Kingston”. Calum Craig (Is This Music?). 5/11/07.

“Don’t be scared, even though we in the studio are absolutely petrified after listening to that. Lucy Over Lancashire, that was part 3, by Paul Rooney, we’ve already played parts 1 and 2 on the show. Parts 4, 5 and 6 coming up over the next three shows… Brilliant stuff from Paul Rooney, one of the most talked about tracks that we’ve played on this show…” Huw Stephens (BBC Radio 1FM)3/5/07.

“…this magnificently chewy and utterly surreal 12” single”. Neil Cooper (MAP Magazine #10). June 2007.

“Well that’s brilliant isn’t it? It’s called Lucy Over Lancashire and it’s by a fellow called Paul Rooney, it’s a limited release on a label called SueMi… a scary start to this week’s Unsigned Podcast, that’s Lucy Over Lancashire.” Huw Stephens (BBC Radio 1FM) One Music Unsigned Podcast. 13/4/07 to 20/4/07.

“Now a great track called Lucy Over Lancashire by the Liverpool based musician and artist Paul Rooney. This was originally made to be broadcast on Steve Barker’s ‘On the Wire’ Radio Lancashire show. Now the Berlin based SueMi Records (great name that, SueMi) have just released it as a 16 minute track on red 12” vinyl… Thoroughly enjoyable piece…” Robert Sandall, Mark Edwards, ‘Where’s the Skill in That’ (Resonance FM). 16/5/07.

“Hello, this week on the Unsigned Podcast there’s music from Nova Robotics, Chris Moss Acid, Stuart James and an ace song by Paul Rooney – Lucy Over Lancashire – really spooky and well worth a listen…” Huw Stephens (Myspace blog). 13/4/07.

“I’ve got a record in my hand here which is quite intriguing, it’s called Lucy Over Lancashire by Paul Rooney on SueMi Records… Love it, absolutely love it – great isn’t it? I told you it was a weird one.” Marc Riley, ‘Marc Riley’s Mint’ (BBC 6 Music)25/3/07.

“Great discovery: a dub delight”. John Davies (Notes From a Small Vicar blog). 30/12/06.

“Further to redkah’s original thread, Paul Rooney’s Lucy Over Lancashire debuted on Radio Lancashire over the weekend, and it’s a cracker. Reminds these ears of Backsaturday era Prolapse, but with rather bit more going on. All this and Fall references too!” Anon. (The Fall web forum). 21/11/06.

“Fenny played an incredible piece on On the Wire last night by Paul Rooney called Lucy Over Lancashire…” Moth Machine and Her Mechanical House Mates (Myspace blog). 19/11/06.