Paul Rooney

Paul Rooney

From 1998 to 2000 Liverpool based Paul Rooney self released three lo-fi experimental pop CD albums as ‘Rooney’, in which every song described mundane life, from looking at found photographs to doodling on a call centre shift. After this Paul made, and continues to make, music and video works for galleries, showing in British Art Show 6 amongst other exhibitions. Rooney’s next record release, under his full name, the post-punk dub 12″ single Lucy Over Lancashire, was put out by SueMi Records of Berlin in 2007. It featured an unreliable narration delivered by a satanic Lancastrian sprite. His first full length album since 2000, Futile Exorcise, was released in 2017 and the follow up, Surface Industries I – skewed ambient pop songs of call centre workers and chat room conversations – in 2021. Both were released by Owd Scrat.

Paul Rooney releases on Owd Scrat:

Lucy Over Lancashire [single reissue]

Lucy Over Lancashire (Remastered 2017) [single]

Futile Exorcise

Stolen Things [single]

Surface Industries I