Late 90s purveyors of lo-fi songs of ordinary life. All three Rooney albums, released on Common Culture Records, were recorded on a minidisc 4-track recorder. The band initially consisted of Paul Rooney alone but other collaborators, notably Colin Cromer and Ian S Jackson, later became involved. The songs are about wandering down the local shops, or looking at family holiday snaps, about overlooked moments and commonplace objects. Rooney garnered much support from Stewart Lee and John Peel amongst others (resulting in a 1999 Peel session and a 1998 John Peel’s Festive Fifty appearance for the song Went to Town).

Rooney releases on Owd Scrat:

This Job’s Forever – The Peel Session


Alain Chamois essay about Rooney:

Dermot’s Alright: The Rooney Story