OWD011 Stolen Things (The Creeping Things Remix) [single] – Paul Rooney

OWD011 (October 2019).

Digipack CD/digital.

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A Victorian child shoplifter sings her daydreams amidst a musical collision between shiny pop phrasings and rowdy courtroom shouting. Her spirit is summoned out of stolen fragments (a Taylor Swift chord progression, a Jean Genet novel, memories of childhood, a Victorian hymn), and she seems all too aware of herself as a glistening pop construct summoned into our world through these ‘lying words’. Lola de Witte-Still remixes what was originally a Paul Rooney sound installation (this is his first single since Lucy Over Lancashire) to create a shiny kick-driven experimental pop track, with nods to AG Cook, Men’s Choir Shouters of Finland and Oneohtrix Point Never.