OWD006 The Seven Oracles of Gog Magog – The Seven Heads of Gog Magog


The Seven Oracles of Gog Magog

OWD006 (2018)

CD/digital album


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Tomb-dwelling 70 year-old autodidact Emma Florence Bausor, in the course of her website blog about the tracks on this CD, refers to them as “prophetic emanations that have issued from – or through – seven objects [the ‘Seven Heads’] from museums in Cambridge”. This mini-album, accredited at Bausor’s insistence to ‘The Seven Heads of Gog Magog’, is the first time the tracks have been released aside from on her blog. Spanning sixties chamber pop, Syd Barrett-era Floydesquery, Beefheart/Zappa wig outs and Mo Tucker motoriking mysticism, these psychogeographic animal-peopled shamanic spirit-journey children’s story psych-songs are as remarkable a collection of emanations as you will hear this year.

On her site Bausor attempts to comprehend what they could ‘mean’, primarily by engaging with the enigmatic lyrics of the songs themselves. We firmly recommend that you read Bausor’s brilliantly polymathic blog posts about the recordings, posts which take in Syd Barrett, Persephone and Aleister Crowley along the way. These posts, in Bausor’s words, seek to “speculate on the nature of [the album’s] enigma”. Thanks to EF Bausor, Kerry Devine, Spike T Smith, Paul Rooney, University of Cambridge Museums and Metal.

EF Bausor’s blog is here: sevenheadsofgogmagog.org

1. One 04:49
2. Two 02:16
3. Three 03:19
4. Four 01:50
5. Five 04:18
6. Six 01:31
7. Seven 07:00


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The Seven Oracles of Gog Magog… purports to be the music of a tomb dwelling seventy year old autodidact called Emma Florence Bausor. I’m not sure how much of this is true from Owd Scrat Records, but I like this track called Two…” Stuart Maconie, Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone (BBC 6 Music). 10/6/2018.

“Absolutely phenomenal, there’s seven tracks on it, The Seven Oracles of Gog Magog… track 7 is particularly extraordinary… Wonderful stuff again from the Owd Scrat label.” Mark Whitby (Dandelion Radio). May 2018.